Congratulations to all participants in the Caribou Stand section skill-at-arms competition, and especially to team 61A for achieving the highest score in this year's competition.

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment has stood forth in service to the Crown and to the people of Newfoundland and Canada since its officially recognized formation April 25, 1795, some 70 years before the Dominion of Canada became an independent country.

It was the only unit on the Order of Battle for the Dominion of Newfoundland in the First World War.

The only Colonial Unit ever to have garrisoned Edinburgh Castle.

The only North American Unit to carry the Battle Honour 'Gallipoli'.

One of three, and the only Colonial Unit, to be granted the title 'Royal' while still engaged in the hostilities for which the title was granted.

The only Canadian Military Unit whose formation was required by the Articles of Confederation.

The youngest Unit in the order of precedence of the Canadian Infantry.

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