Alex Brennan
12:05:24 PM

Great web site! Very professional, keep up the great work. Alex Brennan
2:43:22 PM

Maj Debbie Craig
11:53:54 AM

Excellent work on the website. Should be great for recruiting; just have to get the website location known in the community.

Robert Pike
7:00:22 PM

A Newfoundlander born and Bred in St.John's and Port aux Basques. My Father was Chief Engineer of s.s.Caribou. This ship was torpedioed in October,1942 and he was pne of the casualities.

David LANE
1:59:29 PM

Bloody Decks! Hey boys it's me, L.T. LANE - just wanted to say hi to the Regiment and wish you all the best. Had a lot of good times in the unit. 'If it ain't raining - it ain't training'. Cheers, David LANE RCMP - Halifax

Amanda Black
5:44:22 PM

Sgt Barnes, Great idea to keep a website updated about 1 platoon, so that we all know the details about the next training date. For a suggestion, is it possible that instead of just listing the next training date, could list the dates, such as the weekends and exercises, for the next 2 weeks? It would definitely help with scheduling school and work around those dates. Looking forward to seeing more about 1 platoon :-) Amanda Black

9:49:47 PM

Spencer Barnes
11:25:53 PM


Jason Power
3:25:13 AM

hello i was just surfing the net and decided to take a look at this site. it is well laid out and contains alot if information. my compliments to the creators. i dont know who was in charge of this but i do believe that spence did a fair amount of work. i also think that sgt mills was involded. anyway whoever was involved in creating this page my hat is off to you. by the way who ever is in charge of putting pictures on this site can you email me. i still have the pictures that i scanned onto disks. when i fid out who to give them to i will have someone drop them off at the base on a thursday night. anyway i must be off to explore seoul korea. i wish everybody the best and hope to see you upon my return

great job on the site Jason Power