Master Corporal Spencer Barnes

       Enrolled in First Battalion, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment on 27 January 1990.

        After basic training (which was then called GMT/BTT), took part in MILCON 90.

       Trained as a Vehicle Operator in spring 1993

       Machine Gunner in summer 1993

       Communicator in summer 1995. 

       Completed the Army Junior Leader (Infantry) course in summer 1999.

       Promoted to Corporal in spring 1993, and

       appointed Master Corporal fall 1999.

       Employed as a rifleman with A Company from Sept 1990 to Dec 1994,

       Battalion Canteen Manager from Dec 1994 to Sept 1996,

       Section 2ic or Section Commander with A Company from Sept 1996 to Aug 1999. 

       Section 2ic / Instructor with B Company since Sept 1999.

       Participated in training exercises in various parts of Canada and the United States

       Employed as Section 2ic for Operation Recuperation

       Graduated from the College of Trades and Technology June 1979 with a Diploma of Applied Arts in Accounting. 

       Graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in May 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

       Married August 1988, 2 sons ages 8 and 5.

       Employed since May 1988 by the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland as a Computer Systems Specialist. 

Why should you join the Royal Newfoundland Regiment?

1.     The pay is better than most entry-level part time jobs.

2.     You’ll meet the 180 best friends you’ll ever have.

3.     You’ll learn how you measure up as a person and a citizen.

4.     You’ll have the opportunity to travel and learn a variety of useful skills.

5.     You’ll make a contribution to the life of our Province and Country.

6.     You’ll be part of a Living Memorial to the Newfoundlanders whose sacrifices made our Province and Country possible.


Come learn the reason our motto is “Better than the best”.