The Infantry Soldier

If you are an Infantry Soldier....Combat is what it's all about

 The infantry soldier's job on the battlefield is to seek out and destroy the enemy....

You will be trained to operate a wide variety of weapons systems to accomplish your mission: everything from rifles to sophisticated anti-tank missile systems. You move on foot carrying your equipment or join the battle in the back of an armoured personnel carrier (APC).

The infantry moves about the battlefield on foot, in trucks, APC's or helicopters. With special training you can parachute from aircraft. You will be able to go anywhere...anytime. You will learn to work in mountains, jungles and deserts with the same skill as you would in your own backyard. Sun, rain, snow, day or does not matter to you...the Infantry Soldier.

You are trained in basic and advanced combat skills. Weapons handling and marksmanship, tactics, orienteering and first aid will be part of your new set of skills. The weapons vary from rifles to heavy machine guns. The use of radio equipment and the driving of military vehicles are also part of your training .

Infantry Soldiers deploy on United Nations or NATO missions. These are not always in the best places. Not a vacation spot.

The motto of the infantry is "Ducimus", which means "We lead".

The motto of The Royal Newfoundland Regiment is "Better than the Best", a description earned in battle.

If you like to work out-of-doors in a unique and challenging job then the Infantry Soldier trade might be for you.